A Unique Time for Buyers and Sellers

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

The supply v. demand balance in the Denver market appears to remain steady as (1) sold prices continue to edge higher (2) days-on-market for listings remains lower than the 3-year average and (3) the number of showings it takes for a home to go under contract is down by more than 84% (less than 5 showings), for the first time in our recorded data.

This is likely a combination of virtual showings for buyers facilitated by good agents and willing sellers, and indicates that the buyers engaged in this market are extremely serious.

Custom Property Website

Showcase Custom Website Built Just for Your Home

Team CHR Selling, Virtual Marketing For Sellers

A high tech and elegant representation of your home through great copy and beautiful imagery, creating an emotional connection with the widest audience of prospective buyers. This Showcase includes photo galleries, property details, voice-over videos, 3D tours, maps, and much more to capture the heart of visiting buyers.  This website is then marketed on sign riders, in social media advertising, any print advertising or neighborhood marketing, across thousands of property search websites, to agents across the Denver market, through my social channels and if you choose, through all of yours, too. Our goal is for your home to be exposed to the largest possible audience and when they land on your Showcase website, we want them to fall in love.

3D Property tours

3D Interactive Property Tours

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

Truly, a realistic, digital “twin” of your property, enabling clients to explore and evaluate properties with ease (and from a distance). Streamlines the decision-making process for potential buyers or investors by enabling them to see your property in 3D. Easy to navigate. Includes a doll-house view and a “level” view.


Virtual Staging Consultations and/or Virtual Staging

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

If your property needs to be staged, we’ll set up a virtual staging consultation. If staging cannot happen or if time is of the essence, we’ll provide a visual of the property with “virtual” furniture. Through technology we can remove clutter, remove existing elements and replace with updated furnishings, or completely “furnish” a vacant property – virtually! Since staged homes sell faster and for more money, this is not a step to overlook!

Just confirming that nothing will happen with your contacts until Greg has reached out to your about the Realtor.com leads. :-)

LIVE Virtual Buyer Events

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

Virtual open houses are a powerful tool that allows interested buyers to attend from the comfort and safety of their own home. We’ll showcase your home online and interact with virtual attendees. Truly engage serious buyers – from a distance. We’ll do a practice run-through, promote your Facebook Live, and even join the event, if applicable.

Private Virtual Showings

Private Virtual Showings

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

We’ll connect with clients through video chats, walk them through your home in real-time and answer questions along the way. Our marketing team will help set up the zoom technology and do a practice run-through, if needed.

Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaigns and Ads for Listings

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

Custom social media images are created for the property for promotion on social media channels. We’ll target an audience most appropriate for your property. These posts and ads highlight the best features of the home, enticing the viewer to click for more information and to get in touch with questions.

Email Campaign

Email Campaign To Agents and Buyers

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

Custom property emails will be sent to all agents in target areas relevant to your listing. It will also be sent to a specific list of agents who have current buyers searching for a home with criteria that matches your home’s description. And, it will be sent to agents entire database, so word-of-mouth can play a part.

Listing Flyers / Brochures

Listing Brochures

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

If in-person showings are allowed and our professional photographer can take photos, we can print up flyers/brochures for display in your home and/or in the flyer box on the real estate sign in the yard, as applicable.

If in-person showings are NOT allowed and our professional photographer cannot take photos, we can create a flyer/brochure for online/digital channels, as applicable.

If in-person showings are NOT allowed and our professional photographer cannot take photos, we can create a flyer/brochure for online/digital channels, as applicable.

The Docket

Marketing Your Property “Kit” for Sellers

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

A “care” package designed to provide a seller with peace of mind, support, and guidance if showings, photography services, and regular agent activity cannot happen, for a period of time. We’ll support and guide you through taking property photos, shooting video, and partner with you to share with CHR’s marketing department for refinement to launch the best marketing of your home in these conditions.

The Team Behind The Team

Virtual Tech Support / Marketing Assistance for Sellers

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

The CHR marketing team is available for live assistance! We have social media experts, graphic designers, videographers and advertising specialists who our sellers (through their agents) can schedule time to go through best practices for photography, video, buyer tours, and even marketing strategies to create the most profitable results.