Arrange Your Home Owner’s insurance

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It’s time to arrange your home owner’s insurance. Even if you are buying a condo or townhouse or any property where the hazard insurance on the structure is being paid by a home owner’s association, you’ll still need to obtain what is commonly called “condo” insurance — it covers certain interior real estate items, your personal property and liability protection. …

Your Loan Commitment Deadline Date is Crucial and Vital

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One of the most important deadline dates in your contract is the Loan Objection Deadline. You will find it in Section 2 of your purchase agreement. On or before this date, you can terminate the contract and get your earnest money back if you have not been able to obtain a firm loan commitment that is satisfactory to you. After …

Making Sure Funds Are Available for Closing

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The exact amount of cash you need to bring to closing is typically not known until within 24 to 48 hours of closing. At that time, you’ll need to be able to go to your financial institution to get a cashier’s check for that amount. Alternately, you’ll need to contact your financial institution to have the money wired to the …

Holding Title

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If you are buying a property with another person, you have to decide how you want to hold title to the property. If you are the sole purchaser of the property, you can ignore the rest of this post. The two options for holding title are: (1) Joint Tenants or (2) Tenants-In-Common. A basic difference is what happens when an …

Ways to Help the Colorado Wildfires

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We have been hit with “with the three largest fires in state history and all occurring in 2020.” Now is the time to come together and help our beautiful state. Below are different resources to how you can help. Boulder County 2020 Fires Relief Fund COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County Grand County Grand County Wildfire Emergency Fund Grand County Outbreak …

Inventory, Price and Sales All Up

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

UP, UP, and UP! Last week new homes for sale was 14% higher and there were 44.6% more homes under contract compared to the last 3-year average. The average weekly sales price of a single-family home is also still going up hitting $628,236 last week.

Massive Equity Gains

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

The average sales price of a single-family home in the Denver Metro real estate market hit $624,048 last week. That is up $116,000 from just 18 weeks ago.

What should homeowners do with that equity, if anything at all? Some will say sell and capitalize, some will say pull the equity out. The answer is always the same, IT DEPENDS. PM me or comment below to discuss further!

Denver Real Estate: THE GAP WIDENS

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

Fall season typically marks a slowing of the real estate market. We see a slight decline in home values and reduction in market activity every year. EXCEPT THIS YEAR. While an unusually high 1,534 homes hit the market last week, 1,631 homes went under contract, further widening the supply and demand gap.

Breaking Records, Yet Again

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

Another week of records! 1,658 homes under contract last week is 45% higher than the last 3-year average. The average weekly sales price of all property types has also risen 22.5% in the last 14 weeks, from $476,861 in week 19, now at $584,035. PM me if you want to know more about your specific area.