Full Disclosure Minimizes Legal Risk

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Just about everything we do these days exposes us to legal risk. So, it’s no surprise that a real estate transaction has legal risk, too. But, it’s not well known that the risk is disproportionate — it’s much riskier for the seller than for any other party. In a recent study, it was found that the seller was the defendant …

Under Contract … To Continue Or Discontinue Showings

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Now that your property is under contract, you’ll need to decide right away whether you want to continue showing it. There are pros and cons to continued showings. On the positive side, having a backup contract is extremely valuable. If you can get a back-up contract, it puts you in a stronger negotiating position when dealing with inspection issues with …

Getting Ready for the Inspection

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The buyer of your house will be conducting inspections in the near future. The inspection process creates some anxiety for most sellers and understanding the process can help alleviate the worry. Here are three things that will help the process go smoothly:   Your agent will call you with the date and time the buyer has selected for conducting the inspection. …

Plan Ahead for the Closing Date and Possession Date

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Section 2 of the contract lists two very important dates — the Closing Date and the Possession Date/Time. Take a look at these and make sure you are planning accordingly. In most cases, you have to be completely out of the property by the Possession Date and Possession Time listed in the contract. You are subject to monetary penalties and …

Getting Ready for the Appraiser

Nykki Gallegos Seller Insights, Selling

An appraiser may be coming to your house in the near future. Most home sale contracts are contingent on the buyer or the buyer’s lender obtaining an appraisal on your property. Here are some things you’ll be interested to know about appraisers and the appraisal process: Occasionally, the appraiser will be doing an “exterior only” appraisal. In those cases, we …

Make Required Repairs Before Closing

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You may have agreed to repair or replace items on your property as a result of the inspection or as part of the original contract. Also, the contract requires you repair or replace anything broken since the contract was negotiated, e.g., the dishwasher stopped working, a window was broken, etc. Failure to get repairs made prior to closing is actually …

Canceling/Changing Your Homeowners Insurance

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You’ll need to notify your homeowners insurance company that you have sold your house and that you no longer need the homeowners insurance. THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE CANCELING/CHANGING YOUR INSURANCE There is sometimes a gap between the closing date and the possession date for a property, be mindful of avoiding any possible lapse in coverage between these dates. Additionally, you …

Custom Property Website

Showcase Custom Website Built Just for Your Home

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A high tech and elegant representation of your home through great copy and beautiful imagery, creating an emotional connection with the widest audience of prospective buyers. This Showcase includes photo galleries, property details, voice-over videos, 3D tours, maps, and much more to capture the heart of visiting buyers.  This website is then marketed on sign riders, in social media advertising, any print advertising or neighborhood marketing, across thousands of property search websites, to agents across the Denver market, through my social channels and if you choose, through all of yours, too. Our goal is for your home to be exposed to the largest possible audience and when they land on your Showcase website, we want them to fall in love.

3D Property tours

3D Interactive Property Tours

Nykki Gallegos Virtual Marketing For Sellers

Truly, a realistic, digital “twin” of your property, enabling clients to explore and evaluate properties with ease (and from a distance). Streamlines the decision-making process for potential buyers or investors by enabling them to see your property in 3D. Easy to navigate. Includes a doll-house view and a “level” view.


Virtual Staging Consultations and/or Virtual Staging

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If your property needs to be staged, we’ll set up a virtual staging consultation. If staging cannot happen or if time is of the essence, we’ll provide a visual of the property with “virtual” furniture. Through technology we can remove clutter, remove existing elements and replace with updated furnishings, or completely “furnish” a vacant property – virtually! Since staged homes sell faster and for more money, this is not a step to overlook!