Colorado’s Steady but Shifting Real Estate Market

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The 2024 real estate market started off strong with interest rates declining as expected, spurring a modest increase in buyer activity.  In mid-January of this year some mortgage banks were offering conventional 30 year fixed loans as low as the upper 5% range.  But then in February, just as the spring real estate market was about to kick in, the …

Inflation and Higher Interest Rates Drive Market Conditions, But What is to Come?

Matt Hudson, CEO denver-housing-market, Market Trends

On January 1, 2022 mortgage interest rates were 3% and the real estate market was gangbusters.  The year kicked off with unprecedented market volume and rising prices.   But it couldn’t last and at CHR, we were advising clients of rising rates to come and to not wait to purchase. A convenient narrative for real estate agents, but we actually knew …

Serious Buyers, More Sellers and Prices are Up

Matt Hudson, CEO denver-housing-market, Market Trends

As anticipated earlier this year, interest rates dropped, leading to a modest increase in real estate buyer activity. However, the release of the producer price index inflation report in early February caused a market reaction and mortgage rates climbed. Although the recent rate increase suppressed buyer activity, buyers that are active are serious, aggressive and fueling rising prices. Price The …

Colorado’s Hyper-Local Real Estate

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Amid ongoing fluctuations in mortgage interest rates and inflation proving to be more persistent and unpredictable than previously expected, we maintain a positive outlook for Colorado real estate. We anticipate a bumpy ride, though declining mortgage rates through year-end, alongside increased market volume and appreciating home values.

The 2024 Colorado Real Estate Market

Matt Hudson, CEO denver-housing-market, Market Trends

As we navigate the landscape of Colorado real estate, a common thread of questions weaves through the minds of homeowners and prospective buyers. What will the future hold for my property’s value? How will fluctuations in interest rates impact the market? Is the present moment opportune for buying or selling?

Buyers Market Today. Likely to Become Sellers Market in about 30 Days.

Matt Hudson, CEO denver-housing-market, Market Trends

The 2023 Colorado real estate market has been stable, but slow. Volume of activity relative to the growing Colorado population has been the lowest on record due to the significant rise of interest rates starting in the spring of 2022.

This rise of rates meant fewer buyers and fewer buyers meant less upward pressure on price and more strength in negotiation for buyers. We see this in all the numbers.

The Coming Bounce Back

Matt Hudson, CEO denver-housing-market, Market Trends

The 2023 Colorado real estate market has been as low in sales volume relative to population size as any market in history.  But the narrative about the market has been misleading.   Home values increased through the spring and summer selling months and have held steady through the second half of the year, which typically sees more of a seasonal decline.  …

CHR Annual Coat Drive

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Let’s come together and make a difference by giving the gift of warmth to those in need this winter. As you clean out your closets and prepare for winter, consider donating those gently worn coats your kids grew out of too fast or the ones in the back corner you never wear to our annual coat drive.

Lending Tool To Enhance Real Estate Success

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Using a lending product like a 2-1 temporary buydown is a great strategy that gives sellers an edge in making their homes more attractive to buyers by softening the payment shock buyers experience as rates have risen quickly. In this article we briefly explain current real estate market conditions, how they impact buyers and sellers, and how consumers have been …

What is the Health of Colorado Real Estate?

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Over the last 23 years, Colorado real estate has weathered the storms of the original tech bubble, The Great Recession caused by a housing crash and bad lending practices, ten years of robust recovery and wealth building, and the ups and downs of the last three years of the various covid policies, both good and bad.   Through it all, the …