Short-Circuited Promotion

Team CHR Selling

Many homes are getting sold prior to officially going on the market these days. It can happen for a variety of reasons. Some are outright sinister and unethical. Even when done innocently and naively, it is a strategy that often causes you to put less money in your pocket than you otherwise would. Here is a scenario that happened recently. …

The No-Cost Refinance Gambit

Team CHR Buying

A lot of real estate agents are just there for you when you buy or sell. That is one of those conventional approaches that we don’t think makes sense.   CHR agents want to be there for you not only when you are buying and selling but also while you are owning your property. For example, we can help you …

Marketing Mayhem

Team CHR Selling

Many real estate companies try to out bid each other on marketing. They tout their 89-point marketing plan or 117-point marketing plan or 2,533-point marketing plan. It seems to be driven by a “more is better” philosophy. It gets kind of silly. The marketing plan we’ve adopted at CHR is different. Rather than just do a bunch of stuff without …

Bad Advice About Home Pricing – From Agents

Team CHR Selling

One of the first things I was told when I started working as a real estate agent is that I had a solemn moral and ethical obligation to scare the #@%*^ (daylights) out of sellers about the dangers of over pricing their homes. Grizzled veterans explained that over pricing a home leads to many bad things: fewer showings, longer time …

Begin with a Feasibility Study

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Thinking of selling one home and buying another? A “feasibility study is a good place to start. It shows you how much money you’ll put in your pocket if you have a house to sell and outlines the cash and monthly payments required to get that house you’d love to buy. See a sample feasibility study HERE.