Marketing Mayhem

Nykki Gallegos Selling

Many real estate companies try to out bid each other on marketing. They tout their 89-point marketing plan or 117-point marketing plan or 2,533-point marketing plan. It seems to be driven by a “more is better” philosophy. It gets kind of silly. The marketing plan we’ve adopted at CHR is different. Rather than just do a bunch of stuff without …

Bad Advice About Home Pricing – From Agents

Nykki Gallegos Selling

One of the first things I was told when I started working as a real estate agent is that I had a solemn moral and ethical obligation to scare the #@%*^ (daylights) out of sellers about the dangers of over pricing their homes. Grizzled veterans explained that over pricing a home leads to many bad things: fewer showings, longer time …

Begin with a Feasibility Study

Nykki Gallegos Buying, Selling

Thinking of selling one home and buying another? A “feasibility study is a good place to start. It shows you how much money you’ll put in your pocket if you have a house to sell and outlines the cash and monthly payments required to get that house you’d love to buy. See a sample feasibility study HERE.