Thinking Outside the Trapezoid

September 22, 2013 | Buying

We’ve collected a series of posts related to Innovation — we call it “Thinking outside the Trapezoid”.

Yes. We know. The typical phrase is “thinking outside the box.” However, that phrase is a traditional metaphor for the idea of thinking in innovative and creative ways. Using it is, in and of itself, not very creative and innovative and therefore not really thinking outside the box.

So we’ve tweaked the phrase to emphasize our passion for innovation and creativity. It is a passion that CHR agents bring to the job of helping you buy and sell homes.

Like most industries, the real estate brokerage business has traditional ways of doing things. At CHR, we are always asking if those conventional approaches are really beneficial.

In these four selected posts, we share some insights we’ve gained as we’ve analyzed and challenged the way things have always been done.

So welcome to thinking outside the dodecahedron … because “thinking outside the trapezoid” is already feeling a little trite and overused! Yes … we love to keep on innovating. Look for similar posts under the “Innovation” tag in the future.

Part 1: Home Pricing Nonsense
It turns out that the dangers of over pricing your home are largely a myth.
Part 2: Marketing Mayhem
Why quality over quantity is important in marketing a home quickly and efficiently.

Part 3: The No-Cost Refinance Gambit
How a no-cost refinance can cost you thousands of dollars more in the long run.
Part 4: Short-Circuited Promotion ?
Selling to a friend may put less money in your pocket than selling your house to a stranger.




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