The Rebound of Real Estate Market Behavior

Matt Hudson, CEO Market Trends

Let’s look back a year.   2022 saw a meteoric rise in home values in the first four months of the year, driven by incredibly low interest rates in the 3% range for a 30-year fixed mortgage and the lowest inventory on record in Colorado.   The average price per square foot for a single-family home in the Denver metro area jumped …

Helping Families

Team CHR Life at CHR

One of the most impactful ways CHR Gives has been able to give back to the community is by helping families. Life can sometimes be overwhelming, and a helping hand can make a difference. We have been honored to help people who have been short on rent, needed money for groceries or a crew to come over and do yard …

Real estate values. Will they hold? Should I buy, sell or invest in this real market?

Matt Hudson, CEO Market Trends

Many have been waiting for a crash.  Some have been saying, “I’ll buy when prices and interest rates come down.” Well, rates may come down some over the next couple of months, but prices are most likely to continue their rise.   And, if interest rates do come down, prices will further accelerate beyond the current trend.   Nationally, it was a …

Giving Back at CHR

Team CHR Life at CHR

“CHR Gives assists individuals and families in need through contributions of time, talent and treasure.”  At CHR we are more than just real estate agents. We are involved members of our community. CHR Gives is how we show our love and support and give back. At CHR, every agent is encouraged to contribute a portion of each commission earned to be …

Is Colorado Real Estate “Safe?”

Matt Hudson, CEO Market Trends

You are reading a real estate article. You want to know two things:   These are valuable questions, and we do answer them below.   And yet it’s important to remember that over the last few years we got so caught up in appreciation rates and speed of the market that we forgot something. We forgot that real estate isn’t just a marketplace that …

The New Real Estate Market

Matt Hudson, CEO Market Trends

The real estate market is just, different.  Prices are rising, but not as fast.  Buyer activity is strong, but there just aren’t as many buyers.  Inventory is steadily increasing, and marketing time for homes is down from the beginning of the year.  The current market stability is a testament to the resilience of Colorado real estate.  This resilience is due …

A Busy Spring and Homeowner Appreciation Ahead

Matt Hudson, CEO Market Trends

January real estate in Colorado played out as predicted, setting the stage for a busy spring and homeowner appreciation. As expected, sellers are demonstrating hesitation entering the market. With lots of equity in their home and low interest rates on current mortgages, sellers are more content than ever to stay put.   Buyers are simply more motivated than sellers right now.   More …

Seller Nets 4% More After Switching Agents

Team CHR Selling

When you hire an agent, you’re hiring a skill set. Agents offer expertise in pricing, staging, marketing, negotiation, contract preparation, due diligence and project management. A good agent is also a skilled leader, advising clients of how to seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Like anything requiring personal skill – be it golf or tennis or surgery – some practitioners are better …

Spread the Love Food Drive

Team CHR Life at CHR

Join us this February for our annual Spread the Love Event in support of an amazing local non-profit organization, Open Arms Food Bank!

Colorado Real Estate in 2023

Matt Hudson, CEO Market Trends

In this annual article, we are going to dive into the unprecedented last 3 years of Colorado real estate. Our goal is to help clients understand the market conditions today and provide clarity to 2023 real estate projections.

Save Money with Energy Efficiency

Team CHR Buying, Selling

Good news on the energy efficiency front related to residential real estate: homes have become much more energy efficient!  In 1978, all residential properties consumed 10.58 quadrillion Btu. In 2005, the number stood at 10.55 quadrillion Btu. That may not seem like any progress at all until you realize that during that time frame: The average square footage of a house increased by 32%. …