Under Contract … To Continue Or Discontinue Showings

June 1, 2021 | Seller Insights

Now that your property is under contract, you’ll need to decide right away whether you want to continue showing it.

There are pros and cons to continued showings.

On the positive side, having a backup contract is extremely valuable. If you can get a back-up contract, it puts you in a stronger negotiating position when dealing with inspection issues with the current buyer. If the current buyer starts making unreasonable demands, you can use the back-up contract to your advantage.

There can also be downsides of continued showings. You’ll have to keep your place in “showing condition.” Also, you will have fewer showings since anyone who wants to see the house will be aware it is “under contract but taking back-up offers”. Many agents will not show a house under those circumstances.

Continued showings? No more showings? Both options can be easily accommodated. Choose the option that feels right to you.

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