January 17, 2022 | denver-housing-market


All comparisons made to December 2020

It is no surprise we ended the year with low inventory and high appreciation in 2021. It seemed to be the theme as we went through another year of people choosing where they wanted to live the next chapter of their lives. With rates set to rise in 2022, we anticipate another year of appreciating home values but maybe not so many buyers for each home.


Rates rising in 2022 will impact buying power the most. For example, on a $550,000 purchase today, if rates were to go up by 1%, you would only be able to afford $500,000 for around the same payment. Setting yourself up as the best buyer to make your move is important as it is still a competitive seller’s market. I have strategies and suggestions to help you show up as strong as you can to put your best offer in front of sellers.


Properly prepared homes are still proving to perform the best when they hit the market. With rates set to rise that will directly impact the number of buyers for each home. Start choosing your team now if you want to prepare your home to sell quickly in the next couple of months.


If you have an interest rate over 4% and have been thinking of refinancing the window of opportunity seems to be set to close this year. The long-term impact of a lower rate is as significant as saving on your monthly mortgage. I have a great lender who can talk to you about your goals and see if locking a lower rate is the best option for you.

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