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Virtual Tech Support / Marketing Assistance for Sellers

Team CHR Virtual Marketing For Sellers

The CHR marketing team is available for live assistance! We have social media experts, graphic designers, videographers and advertising specialists who our sellers (through their agents) can schedule time to go through best practices for photography, video, buyer tours, and even marketing strategies to create the most profitable results.

Big Shift in Real Estate?

Matt Hudson, CEO Market Trends

We are seeing aspects of the market understandably respond to job loss, the shelter-in-place order and economic challenges.  At the same time, we are seeing signs of consumer adaptation and continued strong market activity fueled by positive aspects of the Denver economy and real estate market.  So has there been a BIG shift? 
No, not just yet.  

Navigating Denver Real Estate

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

For the moment, Denver is still a strong sellers’ market as inventory remains low and interest rates continue to attract buyers. However, we remain circumspect arriving at conclusions about the direction of the market. So many factors are at play between the stimulus package, lost jobs, shelter-in-place order and direction of the US economy.

Real Estate In Turbulent Times (Through Weeks 12/13, 2020)

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

Last week, we established a baseline for the Denver real estate market through Week 10 of 2020, or prior to any presumed market impact from COVID-19. Our intention is to write fact based and data driven analysis versus sensational reporting.  We maintain that commitment.  However, this week is more conjecture as we endeavor to provide interpretation of any patterns we see evolving.

Real Estate In Turbulent Times (Through Week 10, 2020)

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

We expect the social and economic fallout of COVID-19 to impact the Denver real estate market. You’ll need reliable information. Not rumor or opinion, but fact-based, data-driven truth. Many homeowners have built substantial equity in their homes over the last few years and they are asking us for advice.

Getting Ready for the Appraiser

Team CHR Seller Insights, Selling

An appraiser may be coming to your house in the near future. Most home sale contracts are contingent on the buyer or the buyer’s lender obtaining an appraisal on your property. Here are some things you’ll be interested to know about appraisers and the appraisal process: Occasionally, the appraiser will be doing an “exterior only” appraisal. In those cases, we …

Make Required Repairs Before Closing

Team CHR Seller Insights, Selling

You may have agreed to repair or replace items on your property as a result of the inspection or as part of the original contract. Also, the contract requires you repair or replace anything broken since the contract was negotiated, e.g., the dishwasher stopped working, a window was broken, etc. Failure to get repairs made prior to closing is actually …

Puppy in Moving Box - Selling

Great Time to Make That Move You’ve Been Wanting to Make

Team CHR Selling

Is this your scenario? You’ve wanted to move to a new house for some time now. You know you can sell your current house in a heartbeat. You’re worried, however, about finding the next home given the crazy, super-strong seller’s market we’ve had in metro Denver for the last few years. We have good news if this describes your situation. …

The “Neighborhood Expert” Is Not Always the Best Choice When Selling a Home

Team CHR Seller Insights, Selling

Many neighborhoods have an agent or two who are “neighborhood experts”. Your neighborhood may have one. The “neighborhood expert” is the agent you see on the bus bench near your home. He’s the one that puts a small American flag in your yard on the Fourth of July. She mails you regular updates on neighborhood home sale activity. He does community service …