Denver Real Estate Remains Strong – Firmly A Seller’s Market

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

Over the last 14 weeks, buyer activity has settled into the “just above normal” range for the Denver market. With low inventory, this still means a large buyer pool is competing for fewer homes leading us into a fall and winter market that is most likely shaping up to remain busy and relatively fast for buyers and sellers.

Metro Denver 2021 Midyear Reflections

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

The first 6 months of Denver real estate was nothing short of chaotic.  The year over year average home sold price was up by as much as $150,000 and the number of people looking for homes blasted through previous records. Weekly home showings topped over 40,000 showings in a week, on a record low inventory of just 2,200 homes available …


Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

Knowledge is power when it comes to making a decision in ANY real estate market. Did you know the average sold price of a detached single-family residence hit an all-time high of over $730K last week? One year ago, the average weekly sold price
was just north of $541K.

Whether you’re considering remodeling, refinancing, or you’re interested in capitalizing on interest rates and moving in this market, send me a DM and let’s explore what it would take for you!

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In This Market, Should I Move to My Dream Home?

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

With the housing market moving as fast as it is and prices increasing over 25% in the last year, it’s understandable that you’d be hesitate to make any major decisions when it comes to real estate. However, there are many things to consider outside of home prices and inventory. Click to read how I’d advise my clients if asked if now is the “right time” to buy and/or sell. #realestate #coloradorealestate #realestatemarket

Just the Extraordinary Facts

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

Denver real estate is full of emotion right now. From buyers & sellers, to lenders, real estate agents, title companies, developers and builders. All are impacted by the pace and demand of current market conditions.  In an effort to cut through the noise, we’ll stay away from emotion, opinion and prediction. Just the facts to keep you informed and make …

Broncos Tickets, Part of the Offer?

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

We recently experienced a prospective buyer who was unable, or unwilling to go higher in purchase price with their offer on our seller’s home.  Instead, the buyer included their coveted, Broncos season tickets as part of the proposed purchase contract.  Whether you are a Broncos fan or not, this is indicative of what buyers in the greater Denver real estate …

Low Inventory Isn’t a Lack of Sellers, Just More Buyers

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

With 30-year fixed interest rates at 2.5% and households demanding more from their at-home work and school environments, buyer activity continues to be unseasonably strong. In this market, sellers have tremendous negotiating power and depending on the situation, can work in extra time to find a replacement home if needed.

Inventory, Price and Sales All Up

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

UP, UP, and UP! Last week new homes for sale was 14% higher and there were 44.6% more homes under contract compared to the last 3-year average. The average weekly sales price of a single-family home is also still going up hitting $628,236 last week.

Massive Equity Gains

Matt Hudson, CEO CHR WEEKLY, Market Trends

The average sales price of a single-family home in the Denver Metro real estate market hit $624,048 last week. That is up $116,000 from just 18 weeks ago.

What should homeowners do with that equity, if anything at all? Some will say sell and capitalize, some will say pull the equity out. The answer is always the same, IT DEPENDS. PM me or comment below to discuss further!