Home Inspections

September 1, 2021 | Buyer Insights

    1. You need to schedule inspections on the house you are buying.


2. You have to get your inspections done prior to the Inspection Objection Deadline found in Section 2 of the contract.


3. Read our report HERE re: inspections.


    We consider the inspection process to be one of two of the most important steps in a home purchase and we want you to be as informed as possible about it.

    You can hire any inspector you want. (Contact your CHR agent for a list of trusted inspectors).

    At a minimum, you’ll want to have an inspector conduct a basic pre-purchase inspection. This typically includes an evaluation of the structure, roof, mechanical systems (heating, cooling), electrical system and plumbing. Other items, like appliances, windows and doors, cosmetic finishes, etc., are sometimes included.

    There are many other types of inspections that may be applicable in some situations. Radon tests and sewer line inspections are some examples. Refer to the attached report for a list and/or call your agent to discuss if additional inspections might apply.

    Call the inspector(s) you want to use and schedule a time that works for you and the inspector. Most inspectors will want you to be at the property with them while conducting the inspection. Then, call your agent with the date and time that you’ve scheduled and they will let the seller’s agent know about it. Your agent will attend the inspection with you whenever possible and, if not possible, will arrange for the inspector to gain access to the house with you.


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