We’re Hiring a CFO!

November 8, 2021 | Life at CHR

We are looking for a humble badass. You are hard-working, ridiculously smart, have a ton to offer the right culture and team, and are committed to finding your tribe.

Yes, there are all the traditional aspects of the CFO role you must have the ability to proactively and meticulously fulfill. However, we don’t want traditional.

We believe most of the rules of business are wrong and our culture and innovation consistently push on what’s possible, rather than comply with what has been.

If that just sounds weird, don’t apply.

You are an entrepreneur at heart and know you will do remarkable things with other innovative and committed people. You are someone who takes risks and has an incredibly strategic mind. 

We don’t care about your experience, we care about your talent, commitment and capacity. But you better have the ability to do the job, exceptionally. You will be surrounded by ridiculous talent who expect you to perform, and help take this team to the next level.

You are someone who wants to analyze the real estate industry, think through, and understand long-term economic factors impacting decisions we make today and 3 years from now. You’re interested in economic policy, tax trends, international trade, consumer behavior, buying patterns, and trends.  

You may be someone who wants to educate others, shooting videos or teaching the occasional class to agents and/or consumers about smart financial moves relative to real estate. Maybe you love to write?  Your creative genius needs an outlet and the ripple effect of good you can have is only currently limited by your environment’s capacity to think differently. 

You would make this move to CHR for a few reasons. First and foremost, culture and people. This is a group of passionate, hardworking, smart humans who are doing an unbelievable amount of good in the world. You want to be part of that.

Second, huge upside potential. If you are who we hope you are, you will help drive opportunities that 10X the company and positively impact everyone at CHR.

Third, because you believe business school is broken, traditional consulting firms have it backward, corporate culture in America needs to innovate and you know there must be a better way to live and run business.

You will not apply for this job because you want absolute top dollar day one. If you want that, go the traditional path.  This is a well-paying position, with maybe more upside than any other opportunity, but this is a passion play in an executive role with a top company in one of the most important industries in the country.


  • At minimum you’ve been a controller or equivalent. Ideally, previous and successful CFO.
  • 3+ years in a strategic financial role
  • You have an MBA in finance or other equivalent (master’s preferred).
  • 5 years solid accounting and financial experience.  You will be running the department.  Don’t bullshit your way through this one.
  • Solid leadership experience. You don’t need to be the most experienced, but you need to be an invested leader who will build a team that knows you care, while being firm and expecting performance.
  • You are a technology badass. You will run all tech related to finance. There is a team to help, but the decisions and accountability for execution are yours, along with the experience had by every person impacted by technology.
  • Ideal candidate will be someone who can speak in front of others and inspire through industry analytics, agent and consumer education.

Areas of Ownership

The Traditional Stuff

  • Quarterly Board financials preparation and presentation 
  • Document financial strategy across all departments and document KPI’s for weekly and monthly review with the Exec team
  • Work with the Exec team on strategic plans and adaptations needed by division
  • Managing all accounting and day to day financials

Modeling, Projections & Reporting

  • Develop all budgets and all financial modeling for each business initiative
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Manage all budgets, bonuses and profit-sharing models
  • Drive ROI modeling and assessment for all business initiatives and departments


  • Long term financial strategy
  • Investing in other ventures
  • Raising capital
  • Syndication
  • All investments and financing/banking relationships


We are one of the top privately-owned residential real estate brokerages in the country. We are people who believe that we should live remarkably and that the best way to do so is helping others. We have great technology, a well-articulated strategy, a clear vision, and unparalleled culture. Our business initiatives are diverse and to be discussed with top candidates. 

Compensation and other Benefits:

This is a salaried plus bonus position. Target income for first-year annualized compensation based on experience and personal and company performance is approximately $150,000. This may increase markedly based on company performance.  We will review with top candidates.  

We have great health care and unlimited, yes, unlimited vacation.

To Apply

We follow a process and we do it without fail. To apply for this role, click HERE. You are required to fill out a personality assessment that we will use as a screening tool. From this site you will also be able to upload your resume/cover letter, etc.

If you apply, you will hear back from us.  We are going to ask you to answer questions, walk through multiple interviews and ultimately work with top candidates to determine that we are as great for you, as you might be for us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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