Striving Every Day

May 1, 2017 | Life at CHR

CHR received great recognition in front of the 1,000-1,500 or so people in attendance for the years of hard work and discipline. The years of mistakes and navigation of leadership, growth, culture, systems and figuring out who ultimately we want to be and how to honor that each and every day. While it was mostly the company that was recognized on Friday night, it is the individuals within that make it what it is. As cliché as this is, clichés exist for a reason. It is the aggregate of the individual journeys shared among like-minded people who continue to learn and grow, to discover the next level of extraordinary in their lives, in their business and in the delivery of incredible service to their clients, culminating in a culture of people who demand excellence from self, others and life.

Awards are great; they are an acknowledgement of hard fought battles and what we hope to be peace on the other side. What we are most proud of is this assembly of incredible people who no, don’t have it all figured out, but yes, are striving every day to live a life we all believe in and your sharing of that with those you care about.

Thank you everyone for all you do. Your partnership, your friendship and your inspiration.


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