Ponies With A Purpose

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Colorado Home Realty is thrilled, pleased, delighted and excited to announce our family friendly fundraiser to support Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding. The mission of Promise Ranch is to promote independence and ability of individuals of all ages with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. Participants come to Promise Ranch after hearing, “No,” over and over due to their special needs and challenges. Join us at Ponies with a Purpose on June 11 as we raise funds to help Promise Ranch fulfill their mission!

“Seeing the relationships that are built between the participants and the horse — unspoken — nothing is taught but this bonding happens. Witnessing that is pretty amazing,” says Sharon Tiraschi, program director for Promise Ranch. “And seeing the growth in the riders from week to week, seeing someone who never would have thought they could have ridden a horse at a trot by themselves and seeing that sense of pride and confidence develop in our riders and the families is priceless!”

Promise Ranch offers two unique types of therapy to participants: Hippo and Adaptive Riding.

No……Hippo Therapy has nothing to due with hippopotamuses!

Hippo Therapy works with a physical, occupational or speech therapist and the horse’s movement as the primary treatment tool. Throughout a session, a rider will be put into different positions and be taken around the arena in different patterns, but the main focus is using the horse’s movement to facilitate muscular goals.

Adaptive Riding Therapy teaches participants horsemanship and riding. They learn to trot and gallop. Participants are also taught to feed and care for the horses. Adaptive Riding looks less like therapy than Hippo, but the participants still benefit immensely from the movement of the horse.

Promise Ranch faces regular funding challenges. Most important is consistent income from outside donors to help with cash-flow. This amazing therapy is often un-affordable for families. Promise Ranch aims to have a nearly limitless scholarship program to allow families to not have to worry about finances.

Help support Promise Ranch and join us at Ponies with a Purpose on Saturday, June 11.

Tickets are just $10.00 a piece.

We also have options for silent and live auction donations.

Learn more about the event and purchase tickets at PoniesWithaPurpose.org.