Thinking Outside the Trapezoid

Team CHR Buying, Selling

We’ve collected a series of posts related to Innovation — we call it “Thinking outside the Trapezoid”. Yes. We know. The typical phrase is “thinking outside the box.” However, that phrase is a traditional metaphor for the idea of thinking in innovative and creative ways. Using it is, in and of itself, not very creative and innovative and therefore not …

The No-Cost Refinance Gambit

Team CHR Buying

A lot of real estate agents are just there for you when you buy or sell. That is one of those conventional approaches that we don’t think makes sense.   CHR agents want to be there for you not only when you are buying and selling but also while you are owning your property. For example, we can help you …

Begin with a Feasibility Study

Team CHR Buying, Selling

Thinking of selling one home and buying another? A “feasibility study is a good place to start. It shows you how much money you’ll put in your pocket if you have a house to sell and outlines the cash and monthly payments required to get that house you’d love to buy. See a sample feasibility study HERE.